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Reach a world of buyers with the leader in real estate publication.

The simpler way to connect with international property buyers. From only £50 per month.

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We're in good company

We have partnered around the globe with the leading portals and give you access to a world of buyers in one simple process. - HomePage - How It works
How it works.

It's automated.

We receive, translate your and publish listing around the globe in one streamlined process.

You are in control.

Oversee, edit and manage your listings and leads through our extensive user interface.

Classic or Premium

Find the right solution to fit your needs. From basic to the works, we cover the globe! - HomePage - Simply Global
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Simply Global

Properstar helps you build a global presense according to your company's needs. You select the number of properties and we send them around the world. No delay and no hassle. The simple way to wow your sellers with a truly international presense.

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