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How it works

The automated and comprehensive ProperstarPro solution publishes your listings across more than 45 countries on the world's leading real estate websites in one simple process.

Our automated process

Property descriptions and photos are updated daily to our partner portals worldwide. Your listings are automatically translated into the native language.

The publishing process is fully automated with updates coming directly from your software, MLS or CRM to assure accurate data.

ProperstarPro interface

ProperstarPro provides you with a simple interface to manage the publication but also collect your leads, track your listings and analyze your statistics.

Following the perfomance of your listings and learning about your audience is simple! Understand where your future buyers are located, track the number of times your listings have been seen and the leads the generated.

You will also be able to see your listings on the different portals of the network and collect leads from the visitors of those portals.